June 15, 2012

Midwest Trifecta Resista I - Spring 2012

The first Midwest Trifecta Resista  in April 2012 was a great success! 

Dozens of activists from around the Midwest converged in Kansas City, MO for three days of peace training and peaceful resistance actions.

 Read more about the weekend of training and actions, and stay tuned for ongoing events and another "trifecta" weekend:

"For You A Thousand Times Over"
by Kathy Kelly for The Huffington Post

"From Trespass Line to Jail Cell"
by Lu Mountenay, arrested at the NNSA weapons plant

PeaceWorks KC Articles
PeaceWorks KC May Newsletter
by Jane Stoever

Trifecta Resista Photo Album
by Robyn Haas

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